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 Managers Exchange And Training Programme

EU-China : 10 mois en Chine aux frais de l’Europe.

  • ulysse
  • Dimanche 12/10/2008
  • 16:44
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Sur un modèle similaire de ce qui existe déjà pour le japon et la Corée, un programme d’échange a été mis en place pour la Chine (mais les conditions d'accès sont différentes.)
Lancé pour 4 ans en Juin 2006, ce programme d’échange entre l’Union européenne et la Chine vise à développer des compétences managériales et interculturelles, tant pour des managers chinois que des managers européens.  
Entrez-vous dans les conditions? 
« European Managers :
EU nationality
Age preferably between 26 and 40 years
Minimum of 5 years of working experience, including at least 2 years of managerial experience
Strong academic background in business, economics, or technical studies related to the field of specialization (i.e. engineering, or in case of media managers, media studies, law in case of lawyers etc.)
Previous contacts with the Chinese profit/nonprofits sectors
Long-term career orientation towards China
Support from their sending company/organisation in the form of a business plan for China, financial support, and provision of an internship placement in China
Excellent English language skills
Fluency in language(s) other than mother tongue will be an asset
No or only basic Chinese language skills
For employed candidates: employed by a company with European or Chinese (majority) ownership. »
Mesdames, n’hésitez pas, vous êtes prioritaires : 
« Priority will be given to female applicants and applicants who are supported in financial and organizational terms by their sending company or organisation, or who already have secured an internship placement in China.”
Que vous avez des projets de développpement en Chine, et/ou que vous soyez un entrepreneur individuel, vous êtes tout aussi bien accueillis :
"Business plans for projects on investment in China or exports to China are especially welcome. Entrepreneurial individuals with a strong motivation and clear business plan can also be selected; in that case the support of a sending company or organisation is not necessary. "
De quoi vivrez-vous ?
"For European managers
METP will provide:
(1) 1,000 EUR living allowance per month for the entire period of intercultural training (two weeks), business Chinese language training (7 months), and internship(s) in China (up to 3 months), in total up to 10.5 months;
(2) any travel costs which arise as part of the intercultural training;
(3) all tuition fees related to METP training."
Intéressés ? Alors, connectez sur le site de Managers Exchange Training Programme.
La clôture des inscriptions de la quatrième session a lieu en janvier 2009.

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